Benchtop tablet press hourly output 3,000/hour

€ 28,050
20 gg
The benchtop tablet press is a single-zone machine for the production of tablets. The powder is loaded into a hopper and via a steel tube is transferred into a crucible. A height-adjustable punch compresses the powder and the formed tablet is ejected from the machine. The machine has a continuous motion with mechanical cams. The impressed force is up to 20 kN. It is equipped with a small control panel with a piece counter. All parts in contact with the powder are made of AISI 316 steel.
The compressor can be equipped with round, oblong or oval punches.
The punches can be changed easily and quickly. Hourly output is up to 3,000 tablets.
DIAMETER 6-14 mm
POWER SUPPLY V 110/230 Single Phase
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