Two-cylinder vertical volumetric doser

€ 9,200
Pneumatically operated to pack liquid products in cans or bottles in plastic or other materials
The vertical volumetric dosers allow to package liquid or semi-dense food or chemical products. These machines are suitable for packaging of chemical or food products in plastic, PET or other material bottles.
They are made with materials and seals suitable for pharmaceutical chemicals.
The trolley structure makes them easy to move to adapt to all needs.
The product to be packaged can be taken from a storage container or container placed at the bottom: the supply is by compressed air, once the quantity of product to be dosed has been selected, the machine sucks the product directly from the drum and stops automatically, without dripping and without the aid of external pumps.
The machines are completely customizable to be adapted from time to time to the specific product and / or bottle to be bottled.
- anti-drip devices
- special immersion jaws, specific for foamy products
- stainless steel dosing cylinders for alcohol-based pharmaceutical products
Cylinder in AISI 316 stainless steel
An essential component for packaging pharmaceutical products with alcohol greater than 20% or at high temperatures.
Our vertical dispensers equipped with a stainless steel cylinder can also be equipped with an immersion spout for foamy products.
The cylinder is easy to clean. After use, just run a washing cycle with a specific degreasing product and follow a rinse cycle.
This type of article can be 100% customized to your needs;
We produce custom-designed equipment request a free quote - CONTACT US -


Dispensable doses


The dispensers can be configured with special components
- Stainless steel cylinder for dosing aggressive or easily alterable chemical products
- Immersion nozzle for foamy products
- Anti-drip devices
The dispensers are available in two versions:
Single cylinder: a single dosing piston sucks and delivers the quantity of product selected by the operator.
Twin cylinder: two dosing pistons can work alternately or simultaneously according to production needs
The dispenser cylinder is available with two capacities:
Single-cylinder dispenser;
Cylinder capacity
from 50 to 2000 ml
from 200 to 5000 ml
Dimensions 490x650x1700 mm
Power supply Compressed air
Materials Methacrylate, Stainless Steel

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