AUTOMATIC LINEAR LABELLER (cylindrical and conical formats - 1000 bottles/hour)

€ 31,200
The labelling system is based on a rotation plate and pneumatic locking of the container neck, which allows multiple types of containers to be labelled with the same equipment and at a very low cost for format changes. The machine is equipped with motors controlled by encoders that guarantee maximum precision and regularity of labelling. Machine management software, accessible via the display, with the possibility of storing up to 20 different labelling programs. Machine fitted with CE-compliant accident prevention protection.
Container type cylindrical, conical (15° max)
Container diameter from 55 mm to 120 mm
Container height max. 350 mm
Output per hour 1000 bph
Labelling tolerance max. ± 1.5 mm
Number of stations 1 as standard, max. 4
Paper passage 170 mm
Max. roll diameter 280 mm
Minimum label width 20 mm
Optional batch marker
Optional capsule dispenser
Capsule ironing optional
Three-phase motorisation
Pneumatic supply 4-6 bar, consumption 150 l/min
Power supply 380 V 50/60 Hz + neutral
Absorption 1.5 kW
Packaging Wooden case not included
Machine dimensions (l x w x h) cm 310 x 140 x 210
Machine weight 800 kg without packaging
Machine on wheels
The labelling machine is standard equipped with the following units: 
- Label station 
- D88 self-centring plate 
- 2.5 m conveyor belt 
- control panel with display 
- bottle transfer star on the plate for D72-88 mm 
- final collection plate 
We produce custom-designed equipment request a free quote - CONTACT US -
Possibility of installing up to a maximum of 4 labelling stations for the application of labels, back labels, sparkling wine collars or horizontal labels.
Possibility of also applying the vertical DOCG band positioned as an "I" on the cylindrical part of the bottle neck by means of a firing station.
Possibility of also applying horizontal neck bands.
Possibility of orienting the container on the plate by means of a sensor detecting the spot on the capsule or a reference on the glass.
Possibility of searching for the notch on the bottom of the container using an electronic sensor or a mechanical search.
Possibility of installing the marker for printing the production batch and/or expiry date.
On request, it is possible to carry out a packaging test using samples of bottles and labels supplied by the customer, who can view the labelling result on his products on film or directly in person.
Our After-Sales and Technical Assistance department is also able to support the customer remotely using the current videoconferencing and remote desktop tools.
Our technical-sales department is at the customer's disposal to support him also in the choice of materials (containers and labels) and equipment complementary to the packaging process, thanks also to the experience acquired in over 40 years of activity in the packaging sector by the owner and TDO manager.

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