Industrial ozone generator with integrated oxygen concentrator - 20gr / h

€ 4,600
Oxygen production 96.7%.
Tube with integrated porous filter for treating storage tanks and reservoirs.
Ozone delivery 20gr / h closed chamber
The ideal closed chamber generator for sanitising rooms and water.
It guarantees maximum effectiveness in the field of sanitising and disinfecting rooms and water. It is capable of sanitising very large rooms and spaces (up to 8,000 cubic metres!). Among its outstanding features is the variety of its fields of application, from water treatment to the agri-food sector. Effective in combating viruses, bacteria, spores and mould on food contact surfaces, but also in sanitising and disinfecting water in aqueducts and swimming pools. Our generators do not form toxic by-products and do not alter water characteristics.
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Added production of negative ions



Maximum ozone production capacity: 20 g/h
Adjustment: fixed or preset by operator
Input type: forced
Cooling: air
Consumption: 250 W
Supply voltage: 230 V
Noise level: 58 DBA
Approximate weight: 21 KG
Dimensions: 701 MM x 500 MM x 261 MM

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