Semi-automatic rinsing machine 2 and 4 injectors

€ 1,850
Professional accessory for internally rinsing bottles, jars and flasks before filling.
The machine is equipped with a tray that can be filled with water and a sanitizing product. The tank, the structure of the machine and the nozzles are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
This rinsing machine is the ideal complement for those bottling lines where it is necessary to rinse the bottles internally before filling.
Simple to use
The operation of the machine is immediate. The operator places the bottle on the nozzle. By pressing a button, the machine sucks the water from the container below and pushes it into the bottles which are rinsed.
However, the rinsing machine can be customized for each type of container.
Send us a request with the specifications of the container to receive a quotation.
Dimensions 490x490x900 mm
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Number of injectors

Waterfall; Discharge / Recirculation


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