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FiveEasy™ benchtop pH meter

€ 1,287
Meter with operating instructions on CD, Quick Guide, declaration of conformity, test certificate, power supply.
These benchtop meters provide high quality pH/mV measurements at the push of a button.
Large display, easy to read and interpret, with all information visible at a glance
Five self-explanatory buttons make operation simple and easy
Easy and simple connectivity for simple and secure data transmission (FP only)
Including electrode holder arm
Measuring Range (Accuracy) 
pH F20 / FP20: 0.00 ... 14.00pH / -2.00 ... 16.00pH (±0.01pH)
mV: -2000 ... 2000mV (±1mV)
Temperature F20 / FP20: 0 ... 100°C (0.5°C) / -5 ... 105°C (0.3°C)
Input: BNC, Cinch (NTC 30kΩ)
Temperature compensation: ATC and MTC
Power supply: 100 ... 240 V / 50 ... 60 Hz / 12 V DC
Calibration F20: 3 points, linear, 4 predefined buffer groups
Calibration FP20: 5 points, linear/segmented, 4 predefined buffer groups
FP20 only 
Memory: 200 measurements
Interface: RS232, USB, Reference input
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