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Laboratory Consumables

1. Laboratory Consumables 
 - Containers; Beakers, Bottles, Test Tubes, Stoppers, Test Tube Holders, Containers, Boxes, Transport Containers, Pails, Cans, Wide Mouth Bottles, Wide Mouth Drums, Narrow Mouth Bottles, Square Bottles, Reagent Bottles, Nebulizers, Droppers, Funnels, Cylinders, Capsules and Ships, Crucibles
 - Utensils; Spatulas, Knives, Scissors, Tool kits, Tongs, Bailers
 - Heating;  Bunsen, Beaker tongs, Tripod
 - Pipes and Fittings;  Gas, Rubber, Plastic, Adapters, Clips and fittings 
 - Accessories; Labels, Documentation, Elevators, Stands, Clamps, Batteries Electrical accessories, Bags, Films, Silicone grease 
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Laboratory Consumables

2. Accident prevention/safety 
 - Eye protection; Protective goggles, Mask, Goggle covers, Visor accessories 
 - Respiratory protection; Mask, Half mask, Full face mask 
 - Ear protection; Ear plugs 
 - Gloves; Vinyl gloves, Latex gloves, Nitrile gloves, Holder for glove boxes, Gloves for chemical protection, Cotton gloves, Cut-resistant gloves, Heat-resistant gloves
 - Protective clothing Coats;, Aprons, Overalls, Hats, Muffs, Shoes
 - Hazard; Identification Danger Signs, First Aid
 - Eye wash bottles; Eye wash station, Showers, Bandages 
 - Waste accessories; Bags, Containers, Chemical absorbents 
 - Safety Containers; Storage and Transport 
 - Transport; Trolleys 
 - Furniture Chairs; Ladders, Chemical hoods, Safety cabinets 
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Measuring Instruments

3. Measuring Instruments 
 - pH Measurement; Paper, Stick Portable Devices, Benchtop Devices, pH Electrodes, Redox Electrodes, Selective Ion Electrodes, Electrode Accessories, Buffer Solutions
 - Conductivity measurement; Portable devices, Benchtop devices, ElectrodesSolutions
 - Oxygen measurement; Devices, Electrodes and accessories
 - Multiparametric; Measurements Devices 
 - Scales Pocket scales; Technical scales, Nalytical scales, Other scales, Thermobalances, Weights, Accessories 
 - Thermometers Laboratory; Thermometers, Insertion and Surface Thermometers, Temperature Meters, Temperature Loggers, Humidity Loggers 
 - Time; Timers, Minute Counters 
 - Climate measurements; Hygrometers, Climate control units 
 - Density; Determination Density Gauges, Pycnometers, Densimeters 
 - Viscosity determination; Viscosimeters 
 - Material testing; Force measurement, Hardness measurement, Surface analysis
 - Analytical; Instruments and Systems, Melting Point 
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Stirring and Mixing

4. Stirring, Mixing 
 - Magnetic stirrers/ stirrer heads; Without heating with motor, Without heating without cable, With heating and motor, Accessories, Magnetic stirrer heads for stirring 
 - Mechanical agitators; Tools, Agitator heads, Dispersion tools 
 - Agitators and mixers; Vortex shakers, Orbital shakers, Horizontal shakers, Tilt shakers, Drop shakers, Thermostatic shakers, Bottle shakers, Roller shakers, Microplate shakers 
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Sample Preparation

5. Sample Preparation 
Sampling; Samplers, gas Samplers, for solids Samplers, for liquids Containers, for samples Storage and transport 
 - Grinding; Mortars, Mixers, Mills, Crushers 
 - Sieve; Shakers, Sieve Shakers, Dividers 
 - Laboratory; Presses, Presses 
 - Mixing; Homogenising, Turrax, Ultrasonic homogenisers, Homogenisers
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Distillation Separation Filtration

6. Distillation, Separation, Filtration 
 - Distillation synthesis; NS neck flasks, Reaction and distillation components, Reaction vessels with flat flange KPG stirrer and bearings, Drip funnels, Reflux condenser, Distillation-Accessories, Extraction components, Gas flushing bottles, Tube adapters, Standard ground plugs, NS joint accessories, Ball joints, connections, Taps and valves
 - Rotary; Evaporators, Washing Machines, Accessories 
Separation; Centrifugation; Minicentrifuges, Benchtop centrifuges, Centrifuge tubes 
 - Filtration; Qualitative filter paper, Quantitative filter paper, Fibreglass filters, Filter membranes Syringe filters, In-line filter, Filtration ramps
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7. Thermostatting
- Cold; Cryogenic Test Tubes, Cryogenic Boxes, Cryogenic Racks, Cryogenic Biobank Accessories, Cryogenic Tanks, Nitrogen Accessories, LiquidVessels, Dewars, Freezers and Ultra-Freezers, Refrigerators and Freezers, Refrigerators and Freezers with Ex Protection, Ice Producers, Transport Boxes 
- Thermostats; Heating-Thermostats, Cooling-Thermostats, Circulation Baths, Dynamic Temperature Control Systems, Temperature Control Accessories 
- Heating; Heating Baths, Heating Baths with Stirring, Heating Baths, Heating Plates Heating mantles, Controllers, Microwaves, Universal, Heating and Dry Incubators, Vacuum Incubators, Incubators, Cooling Incubators, CO2 Incubators, Incubators with Stirring, Thermoblocks, Incubators for Testing Stoves, Ovens
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Liquids Handling

8. Liquids Handling
- Glassware; Graduated cylinders, Measuring cylinders, Flasks
- Pipettes; Volumetric pipettes, Graduated pipettes, Pipettes, Pasteur pipettes, Serological pipettes, Pipette aspirators, Pipette accessories, Capillary pipettes, Micropipettes Micropipette displacement, Pipette tips, Reagent container 
- Dispensers; Hand dispensers, Bottle dispensers 
- Titration; Burettes, Titrators, Digital burettes 
- Pumps; For decanting, Peristaltic, Metering pumps, Rotary piston pumps
- Microfluidics; Syringe pumps Hoses and fittings 
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Vacuum systems, drying

9. Vacuum systems, drying
- Water jet pumps; Water jet pumps
- Piston pumps/Compressors; 1061 Pumps and Compressors
- Diaphragm pumps; Pumps, Pump-controlled vacuum unit, Pump-controlled valve unit
- Rotary pumps; Pumps
- Accessories; for vacuum pumps, cold traps, Woulff bottles
- Vacuum controller, sensor and controller
- Dryers; Glass dryers Plastic dryers, Drying booths
- Freeze-drying in the laboratory; freeze dryers
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Optical Instruments and Microscopes

10. Optical Instruments and Microscopes
- Optical Instruments; Magnifiers 
- Microscopes; Optical Microscopes, Stereomicroscopes, Digital Microscopes and Cameras, Accessory Microscopes, Cold Light Illuminators, Slide Counter Chambers, Cover Glasses, Slide Storage, Staining Racks
- Refractometers; Portable Refractometers, Bench-top Refractometers
- Photometers; Polarimeters, Spectrophotometers, OD measurement, Microplate Reader and Plate Washer , Colour measurement, Photometers, Cuvettes, Plastic cuvettes, Accessory cuvettes 
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Cleaning and sterilisation

11. Cleaning and sterilisation
- Cleaning and disinfection; Wipes, liquid, for instruments 
- Cleaning utensils; Dry wipes, Towels and dispensers,Swabs/Cotton, Cleaning equipment, Brushes, Scrubbers, Ultrasonic baths, Baths, Ultrasonic concentrates
- Cleaners-Disinfectants; Washing Machines, Accessories
- Autoclaves-Sterilisers; Autoclaves, Accessories, Sterile Packaging 
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Environmental analysis, soil, water, food

12. Environmental analysis, soil, water, food
- Sample preparation; Air sampling and analysis; Standard analysis 
- Trace analysis; Test tubes, Accessories 
- Sample analysis; Elemental analysis, Oil testing, Photometers, COD, BOD, Turbidity, Extraction, Kjeldahl, Special distillation, Milk analysis 
- Water purification; Distillation, Pure and ultra-pure water 
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Life Sciences

13. Life Sciences
- Genomics; PCR, DNA/RNA isolation, Thermal cycler, PCR cabinets, DNA-Electrophoresis, Gel-Documentation, Filtration, Concentration, Electroporation
- Proteomics; ELISA, Protein-Electrophoresis, Blotting, Blot imaging, Purification
- Cell Culture; Cultures, Aspiration System, Filtration, Safety hoods
- Microbiology; Media and reagents, Cultivation, Sterilisers and burners, Cell disruption, Cell destruction, Filtration, Analysis, ATP detection, Hygiene monitoring
- Histology; Histology Cassettes, Microtomes, Scalpels, Dissection Kits, Accessories and Reagents 
- Consumables in general; Microtubes, Centrifuge tubes, Deep-well plates
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14. Chromatography
- Vials; General information vials and caps, Autosampler Compatibility List, Full size 1:1 drawing of all vials, Recommended septum and cap, Vials, Sep, Caps, Accessories
- NMR/EPR; TubesAccessories
- Syringes; Microsyringes, Disposable Syringes
- Sample Preparation; SPE, Syringe Filters
- Liquid Chromatography; HPLC, HPLC-Accessories, Glass Columns, Solvent Storage/Handling 
- Gas Chromatography; Gas Generators, GC Columns, GC Reagents, GC Consumables 
- Thin Layer Chromatography; Plates, Chambers, Detectors, Accessories
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Clean Room

15. Cleanroom
- Returnable clothing; Overalls, gowns, Surgical masks, hoods, sleeve covers, Accessories
-Disposable clothing; Coveralls, gowns, surgical masks, hoods, sleeve covers, shoe covers, boot covers, socks
- Eye protection; Cleanroom goggles
- Gloves and Fingercots; Nitrile Gloves, Latex Gloves, Polychloroprene Gloves, PE Gloves, PVC, PU, Coated Gloves, Glove Liners, Fingercots, Skin Protection and Care Wipes and Swabs 1526
Dry Wipes, Swabs, Cleaning Rollers
- Paper and documentation; Paper, Note pads, Pencils, Tapes
- Cleaning equipment and tools; Stainless steel cleaning systems. Plastic cleaning systems, Mop holders and mop covers
- Services; Mats and floor coverings, Trolleys, dispensers, Cloakroom, Seating benches
- ESD products; ESD-gloves and finger covers, ESD-mats and pads
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