Semi-automatic blow molding machine 2 and 4 injectors

€ 1,790
To blow containers before packing them.
This machine is used to internally clean bottles and jars before packaging. It works with compressed air.
Entirely made of stainless steel and proposed in the version with 2 or 4 stainless steel injectors
It is possible to customize the injectors to be used with miniature bottles and jars.
The machine is equipped with an air group consisting of 3 elements:
- pressure regulator complete with 5 µm filter unit: This unit allows you to adjust the pressure of the air sent to the injectors (regulation from 0 to 10 bar, suggested 4-6 atm)
- filter element (roughing) with porosity of 0.3 µm: protects the regulator from any traces of oil or condensate that may be present in the air supplied by the compressor
- filter element (extra fine) through a 0.01 µm cartridge
Any impurities that may accumulate in the glasses with the use of the machine can be discharged by pressing the red buttons of the drain valves on the bottom of the glasses themselves.
Materials AISI 304 stainless steel (structure and tank)
Dimensions 490 x 490 x 900 mm
2 or 4 nozzles in stainless steel
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