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Ultrasonic homogeniser

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Suitable for homogenising, de-agglomerating, emulsifying, suspending, accelerating chemical reactions or the destruction of cells, bacteria, fungi or spores. The SONOPLUS 4000 series devices are characterised by optimised process times and rapidly available reproductive results.
LC display for amplitude, pulse level, time and power
Pulse mode, AMPLICHRON® circuit
Data memory
Batch/sequencing mode
Temperature display and measurement
Remote control via RS 232 PC
Interference suppression
Also available as a medical product according to the guidelines for in-vitro diagnostics 98/79 / EG.
For volumes from 2 to 200 ml. Ready-to-use set for volumes from 3 to 50 ml consisting of:
GM 4200 HF generator
UW 100 ultrasound converter
SH 100 G standard connection
Titanium probe TS 103, diameter 3 mm
Other Titanium probes with diameters of 2 mm, 4.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm and 13 mm are available on request.
HF generator
Dimensions (W x D x H): GM 4200
150 x 335 x 220 mm
UW 100 converter
Dimensions (diam. x W): diam. 70 x 150 mm
Ultrasonic nominal power: max. 100 W
Max. test volume: 50 ml
Pulsation: ON cycles: 0.2 ... 600 s OFF cycles: 0.3 ... 600 s

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