Semi-automatic capsule processing machine hourly output 16,000

€ 17,690
Semi-automatic capsule processing machine for the simultaneous preparation of 300 capsules. Normally combined with orientators, the machine is available for all hard gelatine capsule formats from 000 to 5 and, with special accessories, also for DB Caps formats. 
The machine is equipped with a vibrating plate with adjustable intensity and a powder compression unit that facilitate the uniform distribution of powders inside the capsules. 
Accessories: Capsule reducers, hoppers for pellets, tablets, etc.
Size changeover is extremely practical and quick, requiring a simple adjustment after changing the accessory.
Cleaning operations are equally simple: accessories in contact with powders are easily removed, facilitating operators in daily maintenance.
Capsule opening and closing operations and powder compression are performed by pressing buttons on the front of the percolator.
This ensures that the compression of powders inside the capsules is always uniform.
The percolating machine is available for all sizes of hard gelatine capsules from 000 to 5. The accessories that come into contact with the powders are very easy to remove, making daily maintenance easier for the operators.
Machine size 500 x 400 x 700 mm approx.
Machine net weight Kg. 55 approx.
Installed electric power 220 V. single-phase 50 Hz
Air 6- 8 BAR
Production up to 16,000 capsules/hour 
Output per hour 30,000 capsules
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Compressor 50/24 - oil-free capacity 24 l - Flow rate 50 l/min.


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