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Assembled on metal frame, system certified according to CE/97/23 PED, product gas suitable according to Directive 2000/63/EC, PLC control and integrated oil-free air compressor.
Model Production 99,5% Price
The production data are based on a compressed air inlet pressure of 8 bar(G).
Produces nitrogen using PSA technology, recognised as the most reliable and robust gas separation technology on the market today. The entire range also features a system that guarantees maximum gas purity within minutes of ignition and is equipped with both an oxygen analyser to guarantee the quality of the nitrogen produced and a sophisticated microprocessor control system that allows the products to operate 24 hours a day without interruption.
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Oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor + alarm

Compressed air or nitrogen storage tank

Generator connection kit

Tank connection kit


- Flow rates: different in relation to desired purities.
- Delivery pressure: from 0.5 to 11 bar.
- Gas purity: from 99.999% to 97%.
- PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption).
- Microprocessor control with alarm system that can be interfaced with centralised systems.
- Fast Purity" patent, which guarantees constant purity under all operating conditions.
- Produces only the amount of nitrogen required for the application, putting itself in Stand By in the absence of consumption.
- Integrated oxygen analyser as standard in each model.
- Integrated pressure regulator.
- Designed in accordance with UL and ASME regulations.
- High system efficiency.
- Low operating and nitrogen production costs.
- Continuous operation 24 hours/day, 365 days/year without supervision.
- Ease of use: start-up at the touch of a button and follow the instructions on the front display.
- Nitrogen production is proportional to consumption thanks to the intervention of the stand-by mode.
- Minimum annual maintenance.

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