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Multi-parametric HandyLab

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The HandyLab 680 enhances user comfort through:
IDS technology: The secure assignment of calibration data to the sensor eliminates any uncertainty about the data and results of their last calibration. This saves time and money while ensuring greater confidence in your measurements
Traceability of measured values thanks to digital and automatic capture of all sensor data
User management can be activated to allow access and the ability to ensure security and confidence in your results
Transfer of all data in *.csv format via USB interface to PC or USB stick, or alternatively, formatted transfer to Excel via MultiLab Importer (included in delivery)
Delivery includes:
pH/Cond/OX meter HandyLab 680 set with oxygen electrode FDO1100 IDS, conductivity electrode LF413T IDS, pH electrode A7780 IDS, Z530, Z389 for general applications
Measuring range: 0.000 ... 14,000pH 
Resolution: ±0.001pH
Accuracy: ±0.004pH
Measuring range: ±1200.0 mV
Resolution: ±0.1mV
Accuracy: ±0.2mV
Measuring range: -5.0 ... +105.0°C
Resolution: ±0.1°C
Accuracy: ±0.2°C
Measuring range: 0.00 ... 2000mS/cm
Resolution: ±0.1mS/cm, ±0.01μS/cm, ±0.001μS/cm
Accuracy: ±0.5% of mean value
Specific resistance: 0.00 Ωcm ... 100 MΩcm ±0.5% of mean value
Salinity: 0.0 ... 70.0 (IOT-compliant)
TDS: 0 ... 1999 mg/l, 0 ... 199.9g/l ±0.5% of mean value
Oxygen measurement
OD concentration: 0.00 ... 20.00mg/l ±0.5% of mean value 
OD saturation: 0.0 ... 200.0 % ±0.5% of mean value
Partial pressure OD: 0 ... 400 hPa ±0.5% of mean value
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