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Conductivity meter set in case

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Case set with conductivity probe
TetraCon 325 and accessories
Handy and portable, WTW instruments are designed for field use. They weigh only 300 g and are equipped with an extremely shock, dust and water resistant case (IP67). The large, easy-to-read multifunction display allows safe and convenient reading of conductivity, temperature, salinity and TDS values. The 3310 series models have a backlit graphic display and menu-driven operating control. The silicone keypad ensures easy and safe operation. An auto power-off device and a power-saving system allows an operating time of approx. 1500 h. With the proven, impurity-insensitive TetraCon cell system with 4 electrodes, it offers high precision and comfortable operation.
Comfortable and versatile conductivity meter with integrated data logger, time control and memory for 5000 GLP recordings for increased data collection. Menu-controlled, backlit graphic display for safe and comfortable operation. Wide range of connectable conductivity cells. Supporting AQA functions, large selection of cell constants, automatic and manual temperature compensation (which can also be excluded) with linear and non-linear functions for pure and natural water etc. according to EN 27888.
Measuring range
Conductivity: 0.001 μS/cm ... 1000 mS
TDS: 0 ... 199.9 g/l
Specific resistivity: 0.00 ... 199 MOhm cm
Memory: 5000 records (measured value, temperature, date, time, ID)
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