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Aphrometer for full bottles with screw-on plastic caps on PET bottle with collar

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Aphrometer for measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) pressure in full bottles with plastic screw caps on PET bottle with collar. With frame to fit the bottle neck and lever for easy needle insertion.
Manometer -1+9 (customisable on request)
SUPPAFRO (stainless steel bench support with lever) for effortless needle insertion and removal.
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CE ADDITIONS for EU wine analysis methods

Steel support to facilitate needle insertion


- Control of pressure variation inside classic method sparkling wine bottles.
- Control of 'nitrogen' pressure fed with the nitrogen system.
- Control of the 'vacuum' value in bottles corked with the vacuum system.
- Evaluation of the behaviour of natural or synthetic corks, metal or plastic screw caps and crowns subjected to pressure.
- Evaluation of the behaviour of PET containers under pressure under varying external temperatures. Depending on the model chosen, the instrument quickly and accurately measures the pressure or vacuum existing inside a corked bottle, previously filled with liquid.
The measurement is also made possible with a stainless steel needle that is suitably shaped and pierced. The needle, inserted manually through the bottle closure cap, has the function of transferring the pressure or vacuum values to the pointer of the glycerine oil bath type stainless steel pressure gauge. The 60 mm diameter pressure gauge placed in the optimum position will allow easy reading of the values.

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