Liquid dispenser 20 1 ml bottles

€ 10,440
The dosing system allows rapid and precise dosing of low-viscosity liquids and creams by means of a peristaltic pump.
The machine is equipped with a small plc with display for setting all parameters (speed, number of pump revolutions, number of bottles to be filled) and a disc for holding 20 bottles.
Once the correct dosage has been found, pressing the start button causes the machine to fill the bottles on the disk. All the operator has to do is replace the filled bottles with empty ones.
Cleaning is extremely quick and easy as only the silicone tube comes into contact with the filling substances.
DIMENSIONS LXWXH 370x510x380 mm
INSTALLED ELECTRICAL POWER 220 V. single-phase 50 Hz.
MAIN ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS PLC with Crouzet motor, external cables with I.E.C.U. socket
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Additional format disc

Additional pump doubles the flow rate (only for liquids)

3 litre stainless steel hopper for creams with tube nozzle


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