Air cooled liquid chiller - Low noise acoustic configuration 228 - 867 kW

€ 61,000
Nominal cooling capacity 228 - 867 kW
These chillers represent the best solution for cooling industrial processes (automotive, plastic, chemical-pharmaceutical, food, wine, machine tools, etc.) and offer energy savings in all operating conditions. The technical solutions adopted concretely contribute to reducing the operating costs of the system and, thanks to the low GWP R454B refrigerant, to protecting the environment. These include: scroll compressors that allow for high seasonal energy efficiency, shell and tube exchangers that allow for an increase in energy efficiency at full load and total heat recovery for sustainable use of absorbed electricity. The wide range of accessories and versions allows you to meet the most diverse installation needs, while facilitating installation, start-up and management of the system.
Low GWP refrigerant R454B (GWP 466);
All these liquid chillers comply with the limits required by the ErP regulation, in terms of SEPR HT (Tier 2 01/01/2021) for the basic configuration, and SEPR MT (Tier 2 02/07/2018) for the MWT version ( low water outlet temperature up to -10 ° C);
Silenced versions SHE and SSN with reduced noise levels;
Extended operating limits that allow start-up and operation even under the most severe conditions;
Wide choice of options and kits for easy installation;
Easy access to all components;
Advanced electronic control with integrated web-server.
Basic technical features:
R454B refrigerant;
4 or 6 hermetic scroll compressors, always connected in tandem or trio in a double refrigerant circuit;
Resistance for heating the oil in the compressor crankcase and phase-monitor;
Shell and tube evaporator;
Victaulic hydraulic connection kit (supplied with each unit);
Electronic expansion valve;
Axial fans complete with protective grilles and die-cast aluminum body;
Electrical panel protection degree IP54;
Refrigerant charge, non-freezing oil, testing and tests carried out in the factory;
Electronic controller with microprocessor with high calculation capacity and easy-to-use graphic interface;
RS485 ModBus serial output for connection to supervision systems;
Modularity managed as standard up to 2 units.
 Acoustic configurations:
HE - Basic acoustic configuration;
SHE - Low noise acoustic configuration;
SSN - Super silenced acoustic configuration.
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Silenced acoustic configuration options

Base unit / Cooling capacity


MWT version - low evaporator water outlet temperature (down to -10 ° C);
Minimum ambient temperature -20 ° C;
Stainless steel shell and tube evaporator;
Single or double twin pump with low and medium head;
Inertial storage tank;
Compressor shut-off valves;
High efficiency EC Brushless fans for further energy savings (standard in the SSN configuration);
Total heat recovery;
Protective paint for condensing coils suitable for installation in aggressive atmospheres;
Micro-channel condensing coils;
Antifreeze protection resistances for heat exchangers and hydraulic unit (if present);
Metallic protective mesh filters for condensing coils;
Compressor jacket or soundproofing paneling (for HE configuration);
Soft-start compressors to reduce the starting current by 20%.
 Kits sold separately:
Antivibration supports;
Protective metal mesh filters kit for condensing coils;
Replicated remote user terminal;
XWEB300D EVO supervision system;
Modularity kit, for master / slave network management from 3 to 8 units.

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